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  • Parents Maths Mornings

    Published 23/06/17

    Who doesn’t love a bit of Maths? The parents of Ranelagh certainly do! All this week parents from across the school enjoyed taking part in different Maths activities and games with their children.

    Each classroom played host and had different activities and games that the parents dove into. Disha, in Year 5, revelled at the chance to beat both her parents in a game of ‘Fifteen,’ choosing three numbers to make a sum of 15 before her parents could, adding that “It was awesome to have my parents in the classroom with me doing Maths. I loved challenging them both and beating them a few times!”

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  • An Exciting New Look!

    Published 22/06/17

    Ranelagh, a beautiful, Victorian school building steeped in rich history and tradition, is getting an exciting new look! One of the many amazing things happening here in our school is our new build programme, which promises to transform and invigorate our site.

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  • Magnificent Mini Teachers

    Published 16/06/17

    On Friday 9th of June many children in Ranelagh got exactly what they wished for – a day in the life of a teacher! Having to write letters and entice teachers around the school to ensure their procurement, the children were thrilled to have the opportunity to learn so much from our wonderful staff.

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  • Computing Excellence

    Published 12/06/17

    Computing is revered here at Ranelagh and it is a subject that our children excel in. So much so that we have recently been recognised as a Lead School by Computing At School, an affiliate of the BCS Chartered Institute for IT and the Academy of Computing.

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  • Futures Day

    Published 12/06/17

    On the 9th of June, Ranelagh played host to over 30 professionals including State Street Global Advisors, ELBA (East London Business Alliance) and members of the Home Office,  who volunteered their time to speak to and inspire the children of our school. Sharing insight about their jobs and different careers, they answered an abundance of questions from bright-eyed and eager children, curious to learn about what it takes to be a fire fighter, or a police officer, or even a financial advisor!

    The children enjoyed discussing career paths and the requirements needed to attain certain jobs, as well as the in's and out's of so many different professions. Leaving the event inspired, Malachi in 6T8 commented, “It has inspired me and helped me to decide what I want to do in the future. I’ve really enjoyed speaking to so many adults about their jobs and I’m fascinated to know more.”

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  • A Helping Hand

    Published 09/06/17

    Over the course of the year selected Year 6 students have been paired with children in both Reception and Key Stage One to support their learning in phonics. Volunteering their time every single morning without fail, the dedicated Year Sixes help to develop speedy reading with Reception children as well as reading whole books from the phonics series for children in Year 1. 

    In the Reception setting, the Mini Phonics Leaders invite individual children to read through previously taught words. This has had great impact on not only the children in Reception, but for the Year 6 children too!

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  • Amazing Athletes

    Published 09/06/17

    On Tuesday May 23rd Year 6, fresh from finishing their KS2 SATS, enjoyed a visit to the Newham Leisure Centre, taking part in a variety of different sporting events. The Newham Summer Games is an annual event for Primary Schools within the borough, held at the Newham Leisure Centre, and is an opportunity for children in KS2 to take part in different athletic events.

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  • School Council an Inspiration for Others

    Published 21/05/17

    The School Council at Ranelagh invited the Pupil Leaders from School 21 for an afternoon of networking. After leading the visitors through teambuilding games, the School Council gave a presentation on what they are proud of this year. Some of the items mentioned were: creating Action Teams, the Christmas postal service, the Easter egg hunt, the Energy Saving team, Exercise mornings, Mini-teachers day, the Talent Show and raising money for charities.

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  • Dutch Visitors Applaud Our Children

    Published 21/05/17

    Last week, students from Holland visited Ranelagh to see our remarkable school.  They are learning to teach at the College de Nieuwste Pabo in the Netherlands. The students were extremely impressed with the high level of learning taking place and thought that our children were inquisitive learners and able to talk deeply about what they have learned.

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  • A Week of Adventure

    Published 11/05/17

    Year 5 began the Summer term with their annual visit to Fairplay House Outdoor Education Centre. Fairplay House is a unique outdoor activity centre, situated in beautiful rural Essex, and is visited every year by our Year 5 students. Waking up bright and early and departing on a Monday morning, the children were buzzing with excitement, wondering what adventures lay ahead.

    On approach to the grounds, the children were amazed at how picturesque the scenery was. They enjoyed their time in the countryside, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the sites. With no time to waste, they quickly unpacked and were assigned their own rooms.

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  • The Amazing Race!

    Published 08/05/17

    In the Spring term the School Council held yet another successful event in aide of Red Nose Day. Using our newly designed playground at the front of the school, they ran a ‘10p Race.’ Every class brought in 10p coins as a donation for the charity, which were then collected up by members of the School Council. The school councillors then placed the coins, one by one, along lines marked in the playground to measure the total distance accumulated by each individual class.

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  • Delectable Delights

    Published 04/05/17

    On Thursday April 27th, as part of Autism Awareness Week, the Ranelagh Community came together to raise money for the National Autistic Society by holding a school cake sale. The event was an enormous success, with over £350 raised. Children and parents alike enjoyed many delicious treats, and with so many different varieties on offer, who could blame them!

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  • History Quality Mark Gold
  • Let's get Cooking 2012
  • Music Mark
  • Ruth Miskin Trained School
  • Sainsburys School games 2014-15
  • Quality Mark
  • British Council International School award
  • Healthy Schools
  • London Education Partnership Winner 2011
  • PSQM silver award
  • Stars Bronze level Accreditation
  • Educational Outcomes Awards 2015
  • FAST
  • London Schools Gold Club 2015-16
  • IQM Inclusion Quality