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  • Reception 2018 Places Available

    Published 13/11/17

    We currently have places available in Reception for a September 2018 start.

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  • Inclusion Quality Mark - Flagship Status

    Published 13/04/18

    Ranelagh is very proud to announce that we have once again been recognised for outstanding practice and inclusion in our school. For the past five years we have been an Inclusion Quality Mark School and for the past two years we have been classed as a Centre of Excellence, a very prestigious award. However, as we always continue to strive for greater heights, we have now been awarded 'Flagship Status,' the highest possible accolade in this field.


    Only around 100 UK schools have achieved IQM Flagship School status. This award recognises those unique schools who have held IQM Centre of Excellence status for at least 3 years; and played a strong leadership role in developing inclusion best practice across a network of schools.


    The assessor spent an entire day gathering data and evidence to support the assessment, speaking to staff and senior leaders as well as parents, children and governors. The assessor was particularly impressed with the vision and leadership of Mrs. Patel and Mrs. Chowdhury - our dedicated Inclusion team and also Mrs. Lawrenson, our Head Teacher, commenting that they are "a reflective but dynamic and driving force within the school... ensuring that inclusion remains a key focus of the school."

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  • Amazing Ranelagh Curriculum Ambassadors

    Published 10/04/18

    The Ranelagh Curriculum Ambassadors are a team of students from across Key Stage Two who have shared a vested interest in the continued development our very own curriculum. These children volunteer their time, during breaks and lunches, to improve many aspects of school life at Ranelagh - they organise and run their own playtime clubs, they monitor classroom environments, they assist with resources and preparation, but perhaps most importantly they provide suggestions and creative ideas about what they would like their learning to look like.

    This past term has seen the Ranelagh Curriculum Ambassadors flourish in many ways, and it's certainly been a busy term indeed! The children have been leading on creating a TTLT song with June Fileti, the head of ECAM (Newhams 'Every Child a Musician' programme) and other children from Curwen and Kensington Primary, they have been organising and running their own meetings every Thursday lunchtime, and they have been sharing their ideas, suggestions and curriculum interests on Google classroom (most often at home). The dedication these children have shown to our school is truly astounding - perhaps best exemplified by Gabriel's origami club that he runs on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, during play and lunch. "I'm really passionate about the arts and I love origami. I wanted to share my enthusiasm with other children here in our school." You can find Gabriel outside, now with his own team of helpers, running the club by themselves, and a long queue of children lined up to see and try their hand at origami magic.



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  • Poetic Perfection

    Published 03/04/18

    Ranelagh truly does have a love of the spoken word, perhaps best illustrated through our annual Choral Poetry Performances. On Tuesday 27th March, our school was once again packed to the rafters with parents and carers who marvelled at the brilliant renditions of so many epically famous poems, from Alfred Noye's The Highwayman to Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky.

    Every year group was tasked with choosing a poem to perform aloud. With so many choices out there, and so many famous poets, it was tough to narrow it down. But alas, in grand style, Year 5 opened the show with a haunting rendition of Alfred Noyes' The Highwayman, setting the bar high right from the off. Thunderous applause greeted the children as they were quickly followed by an amazing performance from Year 2 of The Mock Turtles Song by Lewis Carroll, whose whimsical poems featured twice on stage. "Will you come and join the dance?" our parents were teased by the children as they swayed to and fro.

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  • Eggscellent End of Term

    Published 03/04/18

    In what has become an annual tradition at Ranelagh, the Spring term concluded with a favourite event - the Easter Egg Hunt! Organised by school council, the last week of the term saw hundreds of children trolling the playgrounds, complete with parents and carers in tow, to find the ever so elusive plethora of Easter eggs dotted about here and there. 

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  • Educational Excellence and Inclusion at Ranelagh - A Resource Provision School

    Published 22/03/18

    Ranelagh is an amazing place for all children to learn. The Local Authority have recognised the amazing teaching and learning that happens daily at our school - they have seen the attainment and progress of all children over the last five years and have asked us to share our practice within Newham, encouraging us to become a Resource Provision for children with Autism (ASD).

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  • Year 6 visit Imperial War Museum

    Published 17/03/18

    Last week, our Year 6's took a well deserved break from the daily rigours of their lessons and SATs preparation to visit the Imperial War Museum. Inspired by their learning in the Ranelagh Curriculum this year, the children were buzzing at the opportunity to visit the museum and see, first hand, amazing relics from the first and second world wars. 

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  • Football Team at Winsor Primary

    Published 26/02/18

    Last Thursday Ranelagh's very own school football team, comprised of students in Years 4, 5 and 6, travelled to Winsor Primary to compete in two matches against Chobham Primary School and Winsor Primary School. For many on the team it was their first taste of a competive fixture, and also their first time playing on a grass pitch! The boys played brilliantly and fairplay was adhered to by all. The first match against Chobham finished in a thrilling 3-3 draw, with Bleu (Year 5) scoring a brace and Raymond (Year 6) levelling the game up in the dying seconds with an outside-the-box screamer!

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  • The Brilliance of Newham Explored at RE Conference

    Published 26/02/18


    On Tuesday, five Year 5 students travelled to Park Primary School to take part in a Junior RE conference. They met other Newham children to discuss and celebrate what it is like growing up in a diverse community. All the children were amazing ambassadors for our school, developing a deeper understanding of how common values affect our lives. They shared how the similiarities and differences of people across the borough make the community of Newham to be such a special place to live, focusing on the values of hope and respect.


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  • Parents Agree - Ranelagh is Remarkable!

    Published 12/02/18

    Dear parents and carers,

    Thank you for taking the time to complete our parent survey at the end of the Autumn term. As ever, your feedback is highly valuable and we appreciate your continued support. We had hundreds of responses, with many of you proclaiming how much you enjoy Ranelagh and how your children are thriving in our school. Some of the many positive comments included:

    "I honestly recommend this school to all my friends and family. I am so happy with the progress my child has made.”

    "My son has had a fantastic first year at school."

    "The school is very good. The staff are friendly and the teaching standards are very high. I had a very good parents evening. My daughter has improved her reading and writing skills."


    " concerns have always been dealt with immediately and all issues have been resolved."


    "I think it’s a really good school. The teachers are very friendly and lovely to speak to."


    "I have two children at this school and I don't have any worries or problems with it. It’s a very good school for both of my children. Thanks for all the help the school gives."




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    Don’t know

    My child is happy at Ranelagh?



    My child feels safe at Ranelagh?



    My child makes good progress at Ranelagh?



    My child is well looked after at Ranelagh?



    My child is taught well at Ranelagh?



    My child receives appropriate homework for their age?



    Ranelagh makes sure their pupils are well behaved?



    Ranelagh is well led and managed?



    Ranelagh responds well to any concerns I raise?



    I receive valuable information from Ranelagh about my child’s progress?



    Would you recommend Ranelagh to another parent?


    An overwhelming YES!


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  • Ranelagh Remembers the Holocaust

    Published 02/02/18

    On Friday 26th January, residents of Newham gathered at East Ham Town Hall to remember the victims of the Holocaust as part of the international Holocaust Memorial Day. Held annually, the event provides an important opportunity for us to remember those who suffered and died in the Holocaust.

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  • School Librarians Support Local Library

    Published 01/02/18

    The hard working librarians from Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 went to support our local library at Plaistow.  They were shown how the library, now known as a Community Neighbourhood, works and the services it offers.  They also got to use the computer system to join the library and issue books to themselves. 


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  • Quality Mark
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  • London Education Partnership Winner 2011
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  • Educational Outcomes Awards 2015
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