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Ranelagh Primary School

Ranelagh Primary School

School Governors

From 1st October 2015 Ranelagh Primary School and Rebecca Cheetham Nursery and Children’s Centre became a Hard Federation.  The first meeting of the New Federated Governing Body will take place at the end of the Autumn Term 2015. Once this meeting has taken place the website will be updated with the new membership and roles of the new governors.

In the meantime please see below a message from the Ranelagh Governing Body and links to membership and governor attendance for Ranelagh School Governors prior to 1st October 2015.

The Governors at Ranelagh Primary School have an important role in ensuring that the School provides the best possible educational environment for the young people in our community.

Parent Governors are elected and have a specific role in representing the views of the parents and advising the Governing Body in its understanding of community issues. Parent Governors are of vital importance. All parents are urged to take an interest in the elections when vacancies arise.

Community Governors provide expertise and experience across a range of skills so as to ensure that that the Governing Body is able to undertake its duty to support the creation of a strong learning environment.

The Governors intend to continue to support and challenge the Leadership Management Team and staff to build upon the improvements that we have made as a school. The Governors will be monitoring student progress with a high expectation that all students can achieve the best that they are able to. We will also be ensuring that the pupil premium, which is extra funding to support disadvantaged young people, continues to make an impact in improved educational outcomes for our children.

The Governors also focus on the wider social aspects of the School, including through the use of the lodge, and to develop strengthening participation in school sports, music and the arts. Parents can play an important role in supporting the Governors and staff by making sure that homework is completed and, wherever possible, your sons and daughters are provided with a place at home where this important aspect of their learning can be achieved.

It is very important that parents work with the school to further improve attendance by not taking holidays in term time and by ensuring children are in school every day and on time. The Governing Body is monitoring attendance very closely.

The Governors would welcome any comments or enquiries from parents and the community. We can be contacted through the school office.

Best wishes.

James Malcolm
Chair of Governors



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