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  • Latest Updates

    Published 19/09/18

    We are open for all children. 

    We currently have spaces at Ranelagh . For admission information, please click here or contact Mrs Lepa Rahman, our School Office Manager on 0208 534 4364.

    If you are concerned that your child has covid symptoms - please follow this link Does my child have covid symptoms ?

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  • Year 4s Wormery Lesson

    Published 06/12/21

    Children in year 4 enjoyed a special wormery  lesson in their edible garden area. 

    Children were excited learning about worms and their habitats . They had a chance to hold worms and learned about what foods they ate to make compost !

    Eddie said “wow, they are so small but clever as they make compost for us “ Sophia added “I can’t believe they eat paper!”

    In the class quiz, children sorted pictures of things the worms ate and answered questions about their habitats .



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  • Call To Action - Ranelagh's Action Project

    Published 16/11/21

    Ranelagh's Action Project Newsletter

    Each Year, children at Ranelagh are taught and learn how to be active citizen for change. The first term in Autumn is Ranelagh's Action Project - they learn geography and PSHCE skills through art music and dance, and they learn how to actively support current community or global issues. Have look at the remarkable activities they have created to show you how to take care of our planet. 

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  • A minute's silence for Armistice Day

    Published 11/11/21


    The whole of Ranelagh fell silent for a minute at 11 o'clock on the 11th November.

    They bowed their heads and reflected on the amazing sacrifices people have made for our freedom.


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  • Support Your Child's Learning At Home - Free courses

    Published 09/11/21

    Please find Ranelagh's Community Events for the Autumn term.

    Please come along to our special Workshops at Ranelagh Primary ( Napier Lodge)  so you can help your child at home. For more information,  Please call Mrs Sheikh or call 07738 414464 or email

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  • Year 6 talk to top author Sharna Jackson.

    Published 14/10/21

    ​Year 6 children at Ranelagh were incredibly excited to take part in a live zoom Q&A session with Sharna Jackson, the author of their current reading book 'High-Rise Mystery' as part of Newham's Black History Month events. The children are about to begin writing their own mystery stories inspired by the story so were fascinated to hear about the author's writing process as well as pick up some brilliant tips about writing the murder mystery genre. 

    Many children asked questions throughout the session. Arian in 6T5 asked if Sharna ever had second thoughts or doubted herself before the release of her first book and received an extremely insightful response from her. 

    "I was excited when my question was chosen and really liked what Sharna said about believing in ourselves and not letting second thoughts and doubts stop us from taking opportunities."​

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  • Reception Admission for September 2022 Entry

    Published 05/10/21

    For all children born from 1 September 2017 and 31 August 2018 inclusive, their parents/carers will need to apply for a reception class place in an infant or primary school for September 2022 entry. 
    National closing date for on time reception applications 15 January 2022
    National offer date for on time reception applicants 19 April 2022

    Click Link fot eAdmissions website
    Come and chat to the EYFS team at Ranelagh and see our wonderful provision.

    Reception Open Day- Virtual
    Wednesday, 13 October · 3:30 – 4:30pm
    Google Meet:

    Reception Open Day -Virtual
    Friday, 15 October · 9:00 – 10:00am
    Google Meet:

    After school tour of the setting
    Tuesday 19th October 3:30-4:3

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  • Ranelagh is a Forest School

    Published 30/09/21

    There is no getting away from the fact that Ranelagh is situated in an urban area. Natural spaces are few and far between. This is why we make sure that the children at Ranelagh have the opportunity to learn in and from nature. This term, Year 6 and Year 2 will be travelling to West Ham Park to immerse themselves in the natural world.


    As you can see from the photographs, the children thoroughly enjoying themselves learning in the natural environment.

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  • Return to School September 2021

    Published 01/09/21

    We are looking forward to your child returning on Thursday 2nd September 2021.  As you may know, the government guidelines have changed for educational settings. The link can be found here What parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges

    At Ranelagh we have updated the risk assessment which you can receive if you contact the office. 

    Remember: School begins at 8.55am and ends at 3.00pm — from Friday your child will walk into the building from 8.40 am.

    How will I drop off and collect my child ?

    Year Group



      Nursery Playground


     Reception Playground

    Year 1 and Year 2

         Year 1 Playground

    Years 3,4,5 and 6

         KS2 Playground

    If your child is in Year 5 or Year 6, and you want your child to walk home alone, please fill in this Year 5 or Year 6 Home Alone 

    How will you limit the risk of infection for my child ?

    Hygiene protocols will remain in place.

    • Children will wash their hands at the start of the day and when they return from the playground and before lunch. 

    • There will be a cleaner during the day to clean communal surfaces, toilets and classrooms.

    • Windows will be open for good ventilation - your child needs to bring a jumper to school.

    • Outdoor learning will continue, please make sure your child brings a jumper or coat.

    I don’t feel comfortable about sending my child to school. Do they have to attend?

    Ranelagh is looking forward to welcoming your child back to school and have taken precautions to ensure the school environment is as safe as possible. However, we understand that some parents, for a variety of reasons, may still be anxious about this. Please ring the school, and we can have a member of our admissions team talk to you.If you do not send your child in, you may well be fined at this time.

    What happens if my child gets symptoms?

    Please keep your child off school and take a PCR test. 

    What happens if a person in my household gets symptoms and tests positive?

    Your child can still come to school, but it is strongly advised that your child gets a PCR test.

    What happens if another child in my child’s class gets symptoms and tests positive?

    Your child can come to school, but it is strongly advised that your child gets a PCR test.

    Will my child be able to learn at home if they are feeling well but need to isolate? 

    Yes, there will be learning provided on Google Classroom for your child and a paper copy of a CGP exercise book. 

    Does my child have to wear a school uniform?

    Yes, but when it is their PE day, they can wear their PE kit.

    Will my child still be in a bubble?

    No, they will be able to mix with their class during learning time and other year groups during play times.

    Will I be able to talk to my child's class teacher?

    Yes, teachers will be available at the end of the day, or you can talk to a member of staff in the playground, and they will contact the teacher.

    We look forward to seeing you all, if you have any further questions do not hesitate to get in touch via email, or telephone 0208 5344364. We will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible.


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  • Sports Day

    Published 20/07/21

    Each Year, the children and adults don their House colours and show their competitive spirit and their sense of fairplay at Ranelagh's Sports Day — postponed last year, Ranelagh had to have 3 Sports Days this year to keep in line with government guidelines. 

    Children had a magnificent time and there was a real sense that things may be getting back to 'usual'. 

    The traditional egg and spoon race (badminton racquet and foam ball !), javelin, hurdles were amongst some of the sports day activities. Points were given for winning(obviously) and for fair play. Competing is a real chance to develop resilient strategies — because not everyone can be a winner.

    'It was wonderful children taking in a deep breath and painting a smile on their face when they lost, '  said Miss Welburn.

    A huge thank you to Miss Tessier and Mr Jordan for organising this successful event. They will be announcing the winners in our final assembly of the year.











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  • Nominees for the TTLT Awards for Services to Education

    Published 24/06/21



    Every Year, all the schools in the Trust get together to celebrate the amazing children, adults and families who are part of our community in a grand awards ceremony. Unfortunately, last year they had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. It is already extremely hard to choose the people who have made an outstanding contribution to Ranelagh School and its community, but this year it is doubly difficult. Each member of staff, child or parent could have been nominated for an award. We have all done a magnificent job to get through this pandemic. But nominations there need to be and we all put our heads together and these are the people in Ranelagh who deserve an award.


    Pupil Awards 

    Pupil helping the community Abeera and Ali (Year 4 and Year 6 )

    Pupil outstanding achievement with home learning EYFS Latim (Reception)

    Pupil outstanding achievement with home learning (KS1) Yousuf (Year 1)

    Pupil outstanding achievement with home learning (KS2) Aijaz (Year 3)

    Award for creativity (to be named after Lavonna Lee) Jude (Year 4)

    Resilience Award Bryan (Year 5)

    Pupil physical health award Sharmeela (Year 2)


    Staff Awards

    Staff award for an outstanding contribution in developing home learning James Jenkins

     Staff award for outstanding contribution to home learning on site Sue Green

     Staff award for helping the community Aisha Sheikh


    Parent Awards

    Making a difference in the community Lidia Golubeva


    General Awards 

    School Well-Being Project Ranelagh Ravellers

    Volunteer Award (Including Governors/Trustees) Sgt Rob Sewell 

    So these wonderful nominees will go through to the TTLT Awards on July 8th - which will go LIVE at 1.30. Fingers crossed. Well Done to all!

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  • Edible Bounty in the Playground.

    Published 20/05/21

    The time has come to reap the rewards of planting the seeds that germinate - growing shoots and roots that flourish into stems and leaves and flowers and fruit.

    The whole of Ranelagh have been reaping the rewards of their labour which began in September 2019 .

    Year 1 learn the names of the seeds- and they're ready for digging
    Year 4 rake the soil.
    Planting the seeds


    Harvest Time


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