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  • Latest Updates

    Published 19/09/18

    We are open for all children. 

    We currently have spaces at Ranelagh . For admission information, please click here or contact Mrs Lepa Rahman, our School Office Manager on 0208 534 4364.

    Wrap Around School Care - Breakfast Club 7.30-8.40 and After School Club available until 6.00p.m.  Please contact the School Office Manager for prices. 


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  • Geography Gold Mark

    Published 12/09/23
    ‘A truly comprehensive curriculum which showcases the units of work studied and that they are sequenced from EYFS to Year 6 to ensure clear opportunities to build on prior learning and skill development against the school’s skill grids.’ the words of the Geographical Association who awarded Ranelagh the gold mark Gold for the Primary Geography Quality Mark , the highest distinction.Praise was given for the clear opportunities children have to build and challenge their knowledge about their local environment, mentioning  children studying land use in urban and rural areas and developing this enquiry to compare their findings with land use in the local area

    It was vociferously agreed that the evidence proved that the children were challenged, they developed analytical skills and teachers constantly moved their learning forward. It was evident that children see themselves as geographers and use the language of geography to show this.

    Children leave Ranelagh with incredibly strong knowledge of location and place; human and physical geography and are given many opportunities to develop their fieldwork skills. 


    A huge congratulations to Miss De Souza, Ranelagh’s Geography Lead, for ensuring that Geography is an important subject within Ranelagh's very strong curriculum. 

    ‘Congratulations on achieving your well-deserved Gold Award.’


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  • A...TTEN...TION

    Published 30/06/23

    The children of Ranelagh Police cadets performed their very own drill in Friday's celebration assembly. Before moving  cadets in any direction, the instructor indicates what direction they intend to move them by using an introductory word command, before giving the actual command to execute the order. The Volunteer Police Cadets are groups of young people that come together with police officers to learn about policing in every London Borough. Ranelagh has its own squad consisting of Year 5 and Year 6 children, it has been running for a number of years.

    'Ranelagh Police cadets is really good fun and you learn great skills and build up confidence,' stated one of the Ranelagh cadets. 

    Their discipline and stamina stood out. Eyes right.Left March....


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  • MLB Baseball and Ranelagh

    Published 29/06/23

    Check out these amazing photographs taken at the London Stadium when the Chicago Cubs and the St Louis Cardinal baseball team visited for the London Series. Some of our Ranelagh children got the opportunity of a lifetime not to only meet the players but walking onto the pitch with them before the game. Lakshmi in 6T5 and Leony in 4T3 were asked to say the special words to start the game....Play Ball!

    Check this out Ranelagh first choice for MLB Legacy project .

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  • MLB's London Series opens at Ranelagh

    Published 28/06/23

    The flags were up, the speakers out, the children dressed in baseball caps and t-shirts. The Red Pitch at Ranelagh was a throb of VIPS, CEOs and 12 wide-eyed nine and ten year olds honing their skills of batting and fielding with none other than not one .not two , but three outstanding American Baseball Players - Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins and Albert Pujols. 

    The children were being given personal tips about batting by Jimmy Rollins . These baseball players were in town because MLB returns to London Stadium this summer as the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs face off in a two-game series. The children spoke to the Chairs and players of the Cubs and The Cardinals. The Commissioner of MLB, Rob Manfred, stated how important it was that the legacy of Baseball in Britain begins with the young children in front of him. The MLB legacy has donated £ 30 ,000 in updating Ranelagh's tired looking Red Pitch. The children could not have been more delighted. Mr Harris, the CEO of TTLT, continued his thanks saying that physical healthiness is paramount to children growing into healthy adults with a love of all different types of sport. But it was one of the youngsters , Aymar from 4T4, who shone, he spoke confidently in front of this awe-inspiring crowd. ‘ Baseball is a brilliant game. Aymar said, ‘We were lucky to practise at the London stadium yesterday and me and all the other children absolutely love Baseball and will be playing from now on. 

    In one speech , Alicia Gonzalez, the executive director of the Chicago Cubs charities mentioned that Genesis of 5T9 had told her that Baseball makes her feel free. Just knowing this made her pledge another $5000 to the legacy. 

    The children then showed off their skills in a brilliant game. The legacy of this incredible donation will last long after the London series ends on Sunday,  and longer than the children who played today in this school. It will be a testimony to that very special relationship Ranelagh and the Major Baseball League created that Friday morning on a muggy morning in June in the tired but soon-to-be awesome Red Pitch Of Ranelagh , the beating heart of the TTLT community.

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  • Festival of Voices - Seven Schools, One Theatre- Hundreds of Stars

    Published 14/06/23

    In this season of big music festivals, who needs Reading, Glastonbury or the Isle of Wight-one of the very favourites is the music extravaganza starring the children from 7 Newham Schools -the Festival of Voices - live from the Hackney Empire. 

    In the mid-noughties, a group of schools came together to create a project that would raise not only the children’s spirits, but the whole community. As part of Newham’s EAZ strategy, these schools recognised the power of music and song.

     The 5 primary schools - Star, Ranelagh, Britannia Village, St Helens and St Joachim’s- thought there was nothing more rousing and inspiring than hearing the sound of children in song, and so the Festival of Voices was born. Even when the funding was stopped , the Heads of these schools recognised something absolutely wonderful happened when these children raised their voices together in harmony- and so they continued the tradition of the Festival of Voices.

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  • Fairplay House 2023

    Published 18/04/23

    Year 5 are having a great time at Fair Play House. The children are creating bonds with each other, and their resilience is shining through in all the activities.

     The bonfire was one of the children's favourite. They've had so much fun singing and drumming. 

    They are now ready for the next new and exciting challenge. 

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  • International Women's Day

    Published 09/03/23

    A huge cheer resounded from Napier Lodge at Ranelagh on Wednesday -Happy International Women's Day. Once the doors opened the pure exuberance of the women  in our community poured out. There was music and dancing , quizzing , banner-making ... and food , and oh the food. Food from Algeria, Lithuania, Romania, Albania,  Pakistan, Bangladesh Russia, Nigeria, Ghana - food that showed a real sense of these remarkable women -the parents and carers of our children. 

    It didn't take much persuading by these brilliant women for the Leadership team to join in with the tasting and, of course , the Dancing. 

    'I tried the most delicious food,' remarked Head of Ranelagh, Miss Welburn, 'but what really fed my spirit was the overwhelming strength and pride of all the women in this  room today .'  We make sure that inspirational women are a strong part of Ranelagh's curriculum ;to learn from and to inspire . From the women who celebrated in the room today, it is obvious that our children have inspirational women right in front of them: at home . A huge thanks to the wonderful women in the PTA for organising , and our amazing Community.

    Cohesion Lead , Aisha Sheikh. ‚Äč

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  • World book day!!!

    Published 06/03/23

    Always a favourite - as you can see from the gallery...

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  • Collaboration and Conversation is the Key

    Published 23/02/23

    Some of Ranleagh's Year 5 children attended a Junior RE conference day at Elmhurst. They met up with lots of schools children across Newham to discuss and celebrate the amazing diversity within the borough. They played a variety of team work games, working with each other to solve problems. They answered philosophical questions: listening carefully to other peoples' opinions, respecting them and asking questions to develop their understanding further.


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  • Ranelagh School Council Raising Money

    Published 10/02/23

    Ranelagh rallied on a cold February Friday morning for the termly School Council's Hot Chocolate morning. The money raised is usually donated to a children's charity, however this term, after seeing the devastating images of the Earthquake in Turkey and Syria, Ranelagh's School Council insisted that the money should go to helping the victims of this. The generous donations from parents and carers meant that nearly 200 pound was raised in an hour for Turkey-Syria appeal. There will be donation box in Ranelagh's reception area for a week after half-term. 

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  • Reach Out - Anti-Bullying Message Resonates

    Published 06/12/22

    On 14th November, Ranelagh launched Anti bullying term with an Odd Socks day. Children and adults across the school wore odd schools to show that they are all unique but still special. Ranelagh will now spend the rest of the term learning about the effects that bullying can have on people and how together we can stand up against it and 'Reach out' to others around us. 

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