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  • Latest Updates

    Published 19/09/18

    We are open for all children. 

    We currently have spaces at Ranelagh . For admission information, please click here or contact Mrs Lepa Rahman, our School Office Manager on 0208 534 4364.

    Wrap Around School Care - Breakfast Club 7.30-8.40 and After School Club available until 6.00p.m.  Please contact the School Office Manager for prices. 


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  • KS1s Trip to the Mosque

    Published 11/07/24
    The children learnt about Islamic worship and explored all areas of the mosque. The children shared their own experiences of prayer and had an opportunity to show their peers how they pray at the Mosque. 
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  • Year 6 Buddhist Trip

    Published 11/07/24

    Year 6 has visited the East London Buddhist Centre this week. It has been a great experience where children have had the opportunity to learn about who Buddha was and how Buddhist people live their lives. The monk appreciated the children's knowledge and how inquisitive they were. Generosity, kindness, respecting and loving each other were some of the matters that everyone enjoyed talking about.

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  • Levitating Success - Ranelagh Dance-a-thon

    Published 05/07/24

    Our recent Dance-a-thon was a huge success, bringing the whole school together to dance to Dua Lipa’s hit song “Levitating.” Everyone showcased their best moves and had a great time with friends. The music and fun made it a day to remember. Thank you to all who participated and made this event an incredible experience!

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  • Adventurous Year 6.....

    Published 02/07/24

    Exciting news!!! Our adventurous year 6 children had the chance to go on a number of trips to the Olympic Stadium, Greenwich Park, West Ham Park and culminated with a sleepover at North Beckton Primary School. These much appreciated outings were fantastic opportunities for the children to bond, enjoy nature, participate in a variety of engaging activities and create lasting memories as they prepare to transition to the next stage of their education.

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  • A Heartfelt Thanks

    Published 02/07/24

    The smoothie morning, hosted by the Ranelagh School Council,  started the day with healthy drinks, good talks, and a chance to help others.  Everyone had a great time and showed their support! 

    Thank you everyone for making this fundraiser a remarkable success. Your contributions will go a long way in supporting our cause and helping London’s Air Ambulance Charity.

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  • An exciting visit from Barclays!

    Published 27/06/24


    Year 6 had an exciting visit from Barclays about financial education. The Barclays team talked about the dangers of financial crime and taught the children and their parents about the risks. They also explained how staying in school can lead to good careers in the future. One key point of the discussion was about stopping fraud early. By doing this, we help protect society from fraud. Teaching kids to make smart choices now can lead to better decisions in the future.


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  • Kings and Queens in waiting...

    Published 21/03/24



    Year 4s headed to the Tower of London last week to discover the Terrible Tudors in action. The children were taken back in history and took part in some of the enactments that paved the monarchy we know today. They learnt about the famous figures in the Tudor era from Henry VIII and his six wives to Lady Latimer who was able to tell the  children about her best friend Katherine Parr and her woeful tale!

    Not satisfied with this, the children also ventured into the Tower  where they were able to see the magnificent crown jewels that Kings and Queens both past and present have worn. Unfortunately, they were not able to wear these, although we are sure Mrs Zaman and Mr Williams must have made a valiant attempt to do so!                                                               

    It was a thoroughly, enjoyable day and we know that our year 4s will be able to name many of the wives of King Henry. Go on to test them!


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  • Scientific Thinking is the Tops

    Published 19/03/24

    Einstein, Darwin, Hawkings and now 5T9 - What on earth do they all have in common? Yes they are all scientists who have and can change the world!

    Our Year 5s were specially selected by the RAF ( Royal Air Force) to visit their museum and take part in a range of activities around the exciting world of satellites. The pressure was on as the children were tasked with the challenge of landing their satellite designs safely on Earth. They had to take into account a number of factors including air resistance, heat and gravity and all the while make sure their satellite didn’t crash to the ground! 

    They held their breaths as the satellites made their journeys to Earth and although tense at times and with their hearts in their mouths …  it was a thrilling and a much remembered experience! 

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  • Art tells the Story- Ranelagh Teams up with V&A East

    Published 07/03/24

    In 2025 , the V&A is coming to Stratford and Ranelagh could not be more excited. Year 5 children were asked to collaborate on an art project with the museum and Arts Matters . Mrs Bahra , Ranelagh's Art Lead, enthusiastically agreed. 

    On 6th March,  Year 5 pupils - Romilly, Anastasia, Luana, Shabiha, Martin and Aaliyah -  visited Ellen Wilkinson School to take part in 'Our Stories...'  each of the children demonstrated their family stories through art
    They brought their own materials to tell their story. 
    Can you spot the 'A Child's Beach Dream'  or our budding fashion designer of the future, who designed her own T.shirt.
    'I asked Luana to tell me the story of her artwork ,' said Miss Monya, 'and there, with every layer of fabric and ruched linen, a story enfolded of Luana's family history which took us back to São Tomé and Príncipe . Luanna's pride in this was wonderful to hear. '
    As you can see by the photos, all the children have amazing stories to tell. 
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  • Lake District Updates

    Published 06/03/24
    Dear Parents/ Carers,    All the children and staff are having a great time. Please find all photos of the latest updates by clicking here
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  • Ranelagh at the Forefront of Inclusion - report reveals

    Published 29/02/24

    Ranelagh is delighted to announce that, after a visit in February 2024, our Inclusion Quality Mark (IQM) Flagship School status (the highest award level possible) has been renewed yet again.

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