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  • School spaces currently available

    Published 19/09/18

    We currently have spaces in Reception, Year 1 and Year 4. For admission information please click here or contact Mrs Lepa Rahman, our School Administrator on 0208 534 4364.

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  • Ranelagh Raise Money for Children In Need

    Published 27/11/19

    Thank you so much for supporting us with Children in Need. This charity helps children in a wide variety of ways, even in our local area.

    Alternatives Trust East is a Support service for refugee mothers and their children- this allows children to be more secure, safe from harm and have improved wellbeing. Children In Need have donated £96,294 to this special place.

    Ranelagh was more than happy to dress up on dots and school council ensured that the children donated. We raised a whopping £250.

    Thank you to everyone who contributed.


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  • The Voices That Begin The Change

    Published 29/10/19

    Ranelagh Playground was a cacophony of sound as the children sang their protest songs to raise awareness of what the local community could do to save the planet. As one of Year 6 posters warned –Earth First.It was our annual Action Project Event. Every Autumn term, the children learn geography skills and develop their global awareness. They learn about different areas of the world- aquatic, desert and forest biomes and find out how humans have impacted on the area.

    Year 6 have been learning about how our local area has an impact on the Arctic Circle. Children had to persuade parents to sign a petition to stop a planned expansion of London City Airport.The children logged the flights coming in and out of the airport and found out that 7 flights departed during their lunchtime.They then calculated that these flights were responsible for destroying 3m² of Arctic ice due to their carbon emissions contributing to the greenhouse effect.


    In  Year 5, children learned about how extreme climates are effecting our global population. They raised money and awareness for the Red Cross .In Year 4, the children researched how desertification is damaging our climate. The children made seed bombs and raised money for the Great Green Wall. The Great Green Wall is an initiative that is endeavouring to end desertification in the Sahel by planting desert trees all along this region to regenerate the land and create sustainable lives for the people who live there.

    The Rainforests were being saved in Year 3, the children made Rainforest calendars using the artistic pointillism style to draw animals and features of the rainforest. The calendars raised money for the Rainforest Foundation UK, a charity which tackles deforestation locally and globally. Year 3 activists also designed leaflets for children in Years 1 and 2 outlining key facts about climate change and dangers to the rainforest. 

    In Year 2 the children baked delicious penguin biscuits to sell and raise money to help save the Arctic animals from the melting ice. The penguin biscuits raised money for the World Wildlife Fund, an organisation that protects our planet’s iconic animals.
    In EYFS and Year 1, the oceans were being saved. In Year 1 the children talked about what is happening to our oceans and why should we care? They then discussed how they can be part of the change and painted beautiful ocean scenes onto bags to reduce the use of plastic bags and promote the use of reusable bags. This helped in raising funds for ‘The Plastic Oceans UK - experts on plastic pollution . In EYFS cakes the colour of the deep, blue sea were sold.

    It is incredibly important that our children realise that humans can have a positive impact on this planet and that they are the voices that begin the change.

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  • #HelloYellow

    Published 16/10/19

    On Friday 11th October, Ranelagh was awash with different shades of yellow as the children and staff showed their overwhelming support for World Mental Health Day.

    The event allowed us to learn how important it is to look after our minds as well as our bodies. Resilience is one of our 5Rs  and we recognise the importance of knowing sometimes ‘it’s okay not to be okay.’

    The children know they can talk about their feelings and that teachers at Ranelagh as well their parents/carers are here to listen to them.

    Lessons throughout the week helped the children to understand why they are feeling how they do and what they can do to try and make themselves feel better.

    And that only be a good thing!‚Äč

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  • Bake-Off for Macmillan - Teachers v Parents

    Published 14/10/19

    There were no soggy bottoms, only yummy cakes as Mrs Lawrenson , Miss Welburn , members of the governors and the school council judged the feast of sweet delights made to raise funds for Macmillan Charity. Parents and teachers donated and baked a huge range of cakes . Mrs Sheikh made her famous lemon drizzle, Mr Hurrell a light delicious victoria sponge  with Mr Jenkins showing a gentle touch with his moist carrot cakes and Miss Trina delighted our palates with not one , but three  scrumptious cakes.

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  • Ranelagh is a Forest School

    Published 30/09/19

    The Teaching Assistants and Teachers are absolutely overjoyed that Ranelagh is a Forest School. In June and July, the teachers learned how to bring the curriculum alive with outdoor learning and at the beginning of September every adult hiked over to West Ham Park for training delivered by Miss Begum in how to use the part of the park given over to Ranelagh. Our Science Lead ,Miss Begum, has been trained to lead the Forest School at Ranelagh.



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  • End of Year Concert-The World We're Going To Make

    Published 26/07/19
    ' A million dreams for the world we're gonna make'   were the apt lyrics of the finale of the annual end of term concert. It was sang by all the children  of Ranelagh and there was not a dry eye in the hall.&
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  • School Council Educational Visit

    Published 26/07/19
    Ranelagh's school council have worked tirelessly this year raising money for WE, improving the resources in the playground and sitting in meetings with Mrs Lawrenson to discuss ways in which the Ranelagh can improve. An extremely r
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  • Newham Harmony and the New Youth Voice Choir

    Published 12/07/19

    This week, our KS2 choir put on an incredible performance in collaboration with Newham Harmony and the New Youth Voice Choir. Children learned 10 songs from cultures all around the world and performed them in conjunction with choirs from other schools, young musicians and a live orchestra.
    “I love performances. Everyone was so happy to watch us and there were all of these people who conduct and put in all that effort. The parents weren’t joining in at first and at the end all the parents were joining in and that made me happy. And I like our t-shirts,” Aicha (4T3) said.
     It was a long event on Monday, but Ranelagh children showed continuous enthusiasm and top-notch show biz attitude!

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  • Summer Fair

    Published 12/07/19

    A huge thank you to you all for making our Summer Fair one of the best yet. An extra special thanks to Ranelagh’s wonderful PTA and Mrs Sheikh- Ranelagh’s community Cohesion Leader (pictured at the right) for making it all possible.





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  • Ranelagh Attends 2020 Olympic Games Event

    Published 28/06/19

    Parents and children travelled to The Olympic park /Lea Valley sports arena to a launch event for next year's Tokyo Olympics. The legacy of the 2012 Olympics hosted by Britain continues. The Travel to Tokyo challenge is a new ‘getting active’ programme for young people aged 5–11 from Sport England, Team GB and Paralympics GB.

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  • When I grow up, I want to be a.......!

    Published 21/06/19

    Children from Ranelagh took on the role of teachers in our school last Friday. The children were absolutely amazing.

    Adele in Year 3 (Mini Mrs Lawrenson) hosted Friday’s celebration assembly. Mrs Lawrenson’s job is so difficult she had 3 Mini teachers – Sasha and Saffron from Year 3.

    The children enjoyed being in the staffroom during break where they were treated to hot chocolate.

    In the afternoon, bankers, doctors, police, dentists and scientists came to show children what they could be in the future.

    "I am going to work very hard practising my times tables, "said a child from Year 4, "because I want to be a banker."







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