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  • School spaces currently available

    Published 19/09/18

    We currently have spaces in Reception, Year 1 and Year 4. For admission information please click here or likewise contact Mrs Karen Riley, our School Business Manager at 0208 534 4364.

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  • End of Term Concert

    Published 26/07/19
    ' A million dreams for the world we're gonna make'   were the apt lyrics of the finale of the annual end of term concert. It was sang by all the children  of Ranelagh and there was not a dry eye in the hall.&
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  • School Council Educational Visit

    Published 26/07/19
    Ranelagh's school council have worked tirelessly this year raising money for WE, improving the resources in the playground and sitting in meetings with Mrs Lawrenson to discuss ways in which the Ranelagh can improve. An extremely r
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  • Newham Harmony and the New Youth Voice Choir

    Published 12/07/19

    This week, our KS2 choir put on an incredible performance in collaboration with Newham Harmony and the New Youth Voice Choir. Children learned 10 songs from cultures all around the world and performed them in conjunction with choirs from other schools, young musicians and a live orchestra.
    “I love performances. Everyone was so happy to watch us and there were all of these people who conduct and put in all that effort. The parents weren’t joining in at first and at the end all the parents were joining in and that made me happy. And I like our t-shirts,” Aicha (4T3) said.
     It was a long event on Monday, but Ranelagh children showed continuous enthusiasm and top-notch show biz attitude!

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  • Summer Fair

    Published 12/07/19

    A huge thank you to you all for making our Summer Fair one of the best yet. An extra special thanks to Ranelagh’s wonderful PTA and Mrs Sheikh- Ranelagh’s community Cohesion Leader (pictured at the right) for making it all possible.





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  • Ranelagh Attends 2020 Olympic Games Event

    Published 28/06/19

    Parents and children travelled to The Olympic park /Lea Valley sports arena to a launch event for next year's Tokyo Olympics. The legacy of the 2012 Olympics hosted by Britain continues. The Travel to Tokyo challenge is a new ‘getting active’ programme for young people aged 5–11 from Sport England, Team GB and Paralympics GB.

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  • When I grow up, I want to be a.......!

    Published 21/06/19

    Children from Ranelagh took on the role of teachers in our school last Friday. The children were absolutely amazing.

    Adele in Year 3 (Mini Mrs Lawrenson) hosted Friday’s celebration assembly. Mrs Lawrenson’s job is so difficult she had 3 Mini teachers – Sasha and Saffron from Year 3.

    The children enjoyed being in the staffroom during break where they were treated to hot chocolate.

    In the afternoon, bankers, doctors, police, dentists and scientists came to show children what they could be in the future.

    "I am going to work very hard practising my times tables, "said a child from Year 4, "because I want to be a banker."







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  • In Remembrance

    Published 14/06/19

    Reporters - Skye and Kelvin

    On Thursday 24th May 2019, Year 6 children travelled to Ypres, in Belgium to lay a wreath at the Menin Gate for all the unknown soldiers that sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

    Ruqqayah, Jobelle and Kelvin showed incredible respect and reverence as they were chosen to lay the wreath. They were the youngest there and showed amazing maturity.

    This incredible and moving event ended a day’s long travel to the trenches and the Tyne Cot Cemetery where there lay dead the bones of thousands of soldiers. 

    This enriched the children’s understanding of the sacrifice people made in order to give all people the opportunities that they have today.




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  • Up the Creek

    Published 10/06/19

    Children in Year 5 donned cagoules, wading boots and long walking sticks to clamber through a river. Deptford Creek or ‘Deep Ford’ was named after its tidal Creek. As the tide falls each day it exposes almost a kilometre of riverbed. As you can see, the children loved wading across it.

    As part of developing the children’s skills of geographical enquiry, Year 5 found out about the many stories the river bed can tell. The Creek has a long history of fishing, ship building and dockyards. Trades and industries from chemical works to tidal mills and slaughterhouses have all used its banks. There is still evidence on these river beds and Year 5 were keen to discover.

    “It was amazing, “said Nasim “We were able to see many live animals such as leeches, shrimps , flounders and we even found a crab’s exoskeleton .”

    “The water level was high but we were able to see things beneath the water. There was even a pair of old trousers.”  Brian stated “But it was able to teach us about how we need to keep our rivers clean. We have come a long way since the Victorians used to throw horseshoes and old meat carcasses in to the river.  I will definitely be recycling all my waste.”


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    Published 10/06/19

    Reporter: Yusuf

    Matt Brown is the award-winning children's author of the Compton Valance books. His new series includes Aliens Invaded My Talent Show, Mutant Zombies and The Killer Vending machine .Last week, Year 5 pupils had the amazing opportunity to meet up with him and ask a few questions.


    Matt Brown talked about how he became an author and shared his ideas about how to write comic adventure stories. Yusuf, a pupil from 5T9, explained Matt Brown’s inspirational way he goes about writing a book. Wherever he goes, he finds something peculiar that catches his eye to put it together at a later time to make a thrilling story. The way he names characters in his book is pretty nifty. You think of a name of your pet and the road that you live on and put them together, for example Yusuf's character would be Roger Holbrook.


    Yusuf went on to explain how he was chosen by the author himself to assist him with a maths' trick- which flummoxed the audience. Another incredible trick he did was with cards that left the audience breathless. Not only did the children run home to try out his tricks, they were also inspired to write stories. Matt has a new book coming out in 6 weeks called Killer Vending Machines wrecked my Lunch.


    Yusuf will be the first in the queue when the book comes out.




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  • Bienvenido a nuestros fabulosos visitants.

    Published 24/05/19

    This week we enjoyed a visit from our sister-school, Ciep Las Salinas. Arriving on Tuesday, they were greeted by a festoon of British and Spanish flags in our whole school assembly demonstrating our long-term friendship. Spanish, as chosen by the Ranelagh parents, is the Foreign Language we study form Nursery to Year 6. Year 1 children sang Spanish songs and our visitors were amazed. The Spanish children teamed up with buddies from Ranelagh and they took them on a visit to the Olympic Park and for a cruise down the River Thames. The visitors ventured to our local street with the finest restaurants- Green Street, organised by Mrs Aisha Sheikh.
    “It is such an important time in our calendar,” said Jose, Head of the Bi-lingual department, “it is extremely important that we continue this wonderful partnership.”


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  • Eggstraordinary Easter Egg Hunt

    Published 05/04/19

    School Council organised their annual Easter Egg Hunt this week. 15 eggs were hidden around the school and Ranelagh children with their parents hunted them down. Each of the eggs had a secret code and these had to be written down and then handed into the School Council post box.

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