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  • Latest Updates

    Published 19/09/18

    We are open for all children. 

    We currently have spaces at Ranelagh . For admission information, please click here or contact Mrs Lepa Rahman, our School Office Manager on 0208 534 4364.

    If you are concerned that your child has covid symptoms - please follow this link Does my child have covid symptoms ?

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  • Year 4 Scientists

    Published 27/09/22
    Classifying animals and plants is part of the Year 4 science curriculum. This week, Year 4 had a great time at The Natural History Museum in London . Link to the natural history museum here​. Questions erupted as their curiosity was stoked by the sight of huge skeletons and stuffed animals. The gasps and wows echoed through the museum when the children came across a ginormous Blue Whale hanging from the ceiling. However, it was the moving dinosaur-always a hit-which was the children's favourite.

    A short journey form West Ham Tube on the District Line to South Kensington, The Natural History Museum is a brilliant way to while away a Saturday or a Sunday with your family. For more information, click on this link.

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  • Queen Elizabeth II April 1926 - September 2022

    Published 09/09/22

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  • Police, Camera, Action

    Published 06/07/22

    Ranelagh Junior police cadets joined forces with police officers in raising awareness about speeding in the borough . 

    Children used speed machines to track driving speeds on Manor Road in Stratford! Once drivers were stopped, Ranelagh children asked the drivers to consider the consequences. They asked  'What would you do if you lost your licence ? ‘ and ‘Do you know how much harm you could have caused on the roads today by gong faster than the speed limit ?’ 

    The police team were impressed by the way children questioned the public and raised awareness about driving safely. 

    Alexandru stated, ‘ I really enjoyed working with the police and would like to become a Police officer when I am older’. 

    Of course , the best thing was testing the lights and sirens of the police cars. 

    Please make sure you drive at the legal speed limit - you never know when a Ranelagh police cadet will be about !


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  • Ranelagh Triumph At TTLT Award Ceremony

    Published 04/07/22

    A huge congratulations to Ranelagh's nominees for the TTLT Awards. The nominees were celebrated in Friday's assembly.

    A special mention needs to go to our Unsung Hero, Parent nominee - Novalyn Edwards . Her ongoing support and commitment to Ranelagh over the years has been nothing short of remarkable. 

    Theo, Laureen, Adele and Mrs Sheikh won. They were the overall winners for Creativity, Young Achiever, Contribution to School Life and an Enhancer of school life. An amazing feat. 



    After the ceremony, Theo gave Mrs Sheikh a huge smile and said,' Mrs Sheikh, we are both winners.' 

    Every single nominee was a winner.    


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  • Run Ranelagh Run!

    Published 30/06/22


    Run Ranelagh Run - the official parade to Ranelagh’s Sports Day was unveiled this morning . Ranelagh have worked in partnership with Newham heritage to celebrate a decade since London Olympics. The children waved and cheered as they showed their placards to an enthralled audience, singing The Ranelagh song, We are the Champions and a newly-penned song by Mr Murdoch, our music teacher called Faster, Higher, Stronger. The parade was closed with African drumming sensation Iroko Arts, who had composed a Run Ranelagh Run with children the previous day. It was a true memorable experience to show that the legacy of London Olympics lives on ..

    The event was attended by hundreds of parents / careers as well as local councillors - Cllr Charlene Mc Lean and Cllr Joshua Garfield.

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  • Royal Jubilee Breakfast

    Published 15/06/22

    What better way to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II 's 70-year reign than with a right royal British Breakfast. Eggs, sausages and beans were the way Ranelagh galvanised its community together to honour her majesty's platinum jubilee. The morning ended with the community singing the National Anthem. In a special Jubilee assembly , the children sang the national anthems from around the commonwealth including Pakistan and Bermuda. 

    As you can see from the pictures,a wonderful time was had by all.

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  • Safe and Healthy Streets

    Published 14/06/22
      Physical and Mental healthiness  are roots of Ranelagh - ensuring your child is safe  is a foundation of our school. and this is why from 27th June,  Ranelagh will become  ​a Healthy Street .  Fo
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  • Top Artist Inspires Ranelagh Children -

    Published 09/06/22

    Children in Year 5 have been part of an amazing project to celebrate the Olympic legacy for Newham Heritage Month.  They worked with the amazing artist - Salvatore Rubbino. To see the amazing things they have done please click here.

    On the 28th June , parents are invited in to watch the Newham Heritage Parade for the opening ceremony of Ranelagh's Sports Day. 

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  • Bowling Tournament at The Hollywood Bowl

    Published 26/05/22


    Ranelagh participated in a Bowling Tournament at The Hollywood Bowl O2 against 10 other schools. The children represented Ranelagh amazingly; being respectful to all other schools and encouraging each other on throughout the tournament. Ranelagh is proud to have come 4th. Estelle in 3M2 was awarded the medal for most strikes and spares out of all the schools! The children had an amazing day representing Ranelagh!




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  • Ranelagh's Playground Transformation

    Published 11/05/22
      One of the roots of Ranelagh is Physical Healthiness , the new game markings in Key Stage 2 playground are testament to this. The children from Ranelagh's School Council persuaded Mrs Lawrenson to enliven the Key Stage 2 playground with
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  • No one feels blue at Ranelagh!​​​​​​​

    Published 19/04/22



    Celebrating and accepting all differences has never been so important than over the past few years. Ranelagh, as ever, accepts this and takes on this gauntlet with great gusto and pride! 

    Every year the school works tirelessly in promoting Autism awareness both within the school as well as within the local community. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a life -long condition that affects the way children communicate and behave. 

    Autism awareness is not something that is isolated to one week at Ranelagh Primary but it’s something that we promote each and every day. This can be seen in the classrooms, in outside play as well as in the lessons that teachers plan. One recent visitor commented on how they could see this being a ‘cornerstone in everything the school does.’ 

    The children themselves are experts on this and displayed their substantial knowledge of Autism and how they can support children with this. "You should not be loud because some children might feel upset" said Saeed in Year 1.  Mary observed "Some people might feel confused when there are so many people around them so don't be rude if they don't want to play with you". Aaliyah commented ‘having different children in our school helps us to be tolerant to everyone.’

    Equally, the children with Autism in the school have an important role to play and show everyone their individuality, humour and interests through their actions and behaviour.  

    Although we could not have our legendary cake sale to raise funds for this worthwhile cause, this did not dampen the children’s spirits as Thursday was the chance for children to dress up in all shades of blue - ranging from blue T shirts, socks and sweaters. 

    As one teacher reported, “Autism affects how a person thinks, feels and learns, and we believe it is crucial that teachers and children at the school know and understand as much as possible about this condition”. 

    Mrs Lawrenson said, “We are determined that everyone who is on the Autistic Spectrum should get the best start possible, and have the same chance to enjoy their time at school as everyone else. It is events like these and the continuing inclusive practice at the school that makes this possible.”

    Finally, all of this could not be done without the ongoing support of our parents, carers and community. As one of the parents said ‘ I really wish other schools were like Ranelagh!’ 

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