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  • School spaces currently available

    Published 19/09/18

    We currently have spaces in Reception, Year 1 and Year 4. For admission information please click here or likewise contact Mrs Karen Riley, our School Business Manager at 0208 534 4364.

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  • All Things Festive

    Published 18/12/18

    As we all know, Ranelagh loves to get into the spirit of Christmas, and this year was no different. Classrooms and hallways have been adorned with decorations, children have been singing carols and Christmas tunes throughout December and Christmas jumpers have made several appearances in the last few weeks to name but a few of the many exciting things…

    The festivities were truly up and running on Friday 7th December, starting with our wonderful Winter Fair led by our fabulous PTA and Mrs Sheikh. Following that, on Wednesday 12th December, our whole school Christmas lunch and Christmas Jumper Day was a real hit: The children and staff enjoyed dressing up like Christmas morning and the school managed to raise money to boot, in support of Save the Children, with each child donating £1.

    Later on that afternoon parents and carers joined in jubilant voice to sing carols around the Christmas tree. Led by our fantastic school choir and brilliant pianists Mr. Hurrell and Ms Saxon, parents and children alike cosied up, singing Silent Night, We Three Kings and other famous carols. Some were even treated to the delights of a mince pie!

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  • Powered By School Dinners

    Published 26/11/18

    Soggy semolina, lumpy mashed potato and leathery liver are memories of many people’s school meal. That has all changed over the years, children have a lunch menu, at times, befitting of the Queen herself.

    Last Wednesday, the Ranelagh community -including the Deputy Mayor of Newham, joined together to celebrate our amazing school meals. To celebrate 25 years of National School Meal Week, Ranelagh was asked to join in to promote ‘Powered by School Meals.'

    Having a healthy and balanced school dinner is vital for children’s wellbeing. The five important areas that are ‘powered’ by school food are: Energy, Concentration, Attainment, Education and Nutrition.

    Staff and children ran, skipped and jumped as they demonstrated Energy that food creates. Attainment and concentration was demonstrated by children solved a magnetic in the quickest time possible. Year 4 loved it.


    The scientist demonstrated how carbon dioxide is denser than oxygen. “The balloon filled with carbon dioxide fell to the ground quickly” remarked Jamilson from Year 4, our keen scientific observer. The children were wowed when they saw that lemons attached to electric leads can cause a bulb to light. “This is why we need to eat fruit,” said Franklyn from Year 4, “as this is the energy we get from it.”

    The whole school were treated to beans and the many ways in which you you can eat them – with Tortilla chips being the most popular. The nutritional value of beans is immense - 3 heaped tablespoons of beans is one of your 5 a day.

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  • Ranelagh Remembers

    Published 13/11/18

    On the eleventh day, at the eleventh hour, in 1918, the First World War was brought to an end. An armistice was signed in a railcar in the French forest of Compiègne, marking the conclusion to the bloodiest war the world had ever witnessed. This past weekend nations around the world commemorated the centenary of the armistice and paid tribute to so many fallen soldiers and heroes whose lives ended much too soon as a result of the conflict.

    At Ranelagh, children across the school honored those affected by not only the First World War but all conflicts and wars since by reflecting on loss and holding a minutes silence at 11:00. Year 6, who are learning about the Great War as part of their Ranelagh Curriculum topic, led a very poignant assembly on Tuesday, explaining the causes of the war, reading and sharing poetry and singing a beautiful rendition of Pack Up Your Troubles by George Powell.

    They also spoke of their recent visit to the Shrouds of the Somme exhibit, currently on show in the Olympic Park. The display was made by artist Rob Heard and is made up of 72,396 shrouded figures, each representing a British Commonwealth serviceman who was killed at the Somme and who has no known grave, and many of whose bodies were never recovered from the battlefield.

    “I never really understood just how many soldiers 72,000 is,” Avril in Year 6 explained. “Seeing them lying on the grass like that – it’s mind boggling, and so sad.”

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  • Girls Active Festival

    Published 06/11/18

    On Friday twenty girls from Year 5 and 6 attended the Tapscott Learning Trust’s Girls Active festival. The event took place at the West Ham Foundation and saw over 130 girls from across the Borough taking part in a range of physical activities.

    There were four events – boxing, cricket, hockey and American football – with every girl taking part in each one. “I really loved the cricket event. It was so fun to try and hit the ball, and I made friends from other schools,” Vanessa in Year 5 commented.

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  • Magnificent Maths

    Published 28/10/18

    On the back of the half term Ranelagh hosted our Parents Maths Mornings, which saw an incredible amount of our parents and carers come into school to take part in a variety of Maths lessons and workshops with their children.

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  • Making A Difference

    Published 28/10/18

    Every year, in the Autumn term and as part of our learning in the Ranelagh Curriculum, our wonderful students put together their own Community Action Projects, with the vision of making the world a better place. We have been running our action projects for over 6 years now, and every year they get better and better. The children have once again taken action to raise global awareness about a variety of planetary issues - from melting ice caps to deforestation of the rainforest - and were keen to help as best they could.

    Each year group researched a charity to support, linked to their studies, and planned an action that they could carry out to raise awareness and garner support from the local community. Stalls were then set out spanning the Key Stage One playground and manned by children and members of the PTA who tirelessly promoted and campaigned for their causes. Year 6 decorated canvas bags with stunning  artwork to support Greenpeace, Year 4 made and sold lemonade with proceeds going to Water Aid, Year 2 made frosted ‘ice cakes’ to raise awareness of the melting polar ice caps and reception made stunning key rings in support of the Marine Conservation Society, to name but a few of the many exciting actions that took place on the day.


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  • A Festival of Voices

    Published 28/10/18

    Every year our fantastic Year 4 students take part in the Festival of Voices. The show this year was held in July at the prestigious Hackney Empire, and consisted of multiple Newham schools across the Creative Arts Partnership, who came together to sing as one amazing choir.

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  • Wonders of the Natural History Museum

    Published 17/10/18

    On Monday and Tuesday Year 1 visited the wonderful Natural History Museum. Inspired by their learning in the Ranelagh Curriculum, the children visited many different galleries and took in the breath-taking sights. “The blue whale is enormous! I never knew it was so big,” Yusuf commented. “I really liked the polar bear. It is so white but it has black skin and I didn’t know that,” Anastasia explained.

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  • Macmillan Coffee Morning for Cancer Research UK

    Published 01/10/18

    On Friday morning Ranelagh’s fantastic PTA organised a Macmillan coffee morning in our school hall for the local community. Parents, carers, staff and children were thrilled to come into school Friday morning to the sweet scent of cakes, biscuits and hot chocolate.

    Macmillan Coffee Morning is the world’s biggest coffee morning and aims to raise proceeds for UK cancer research, a truly noble cause. The morning was a great success and Ranelagh was able to raise over £200, which will help make a difference to those in need.

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  • Ranelagh Awarded RE Gold Quality Mark

    Published 21/09/18

    Just before the summer break Ranelagh was awarded with the Religious Education Gold quality mark by the Religious Education Council of England and Wales. The council is tasked with recognising and celebrating outstanding learning in Religious Education across the country and has decided that Ranealgh is worthy of the gold status, the highest possible award.

    Religious Education plays a vital role in our schools curriculum and is integral to our school ethos. It helps us develop life skills and teaches us important values like love, honesty, forgiveness, kindness, justice, respect for others and our environment and perhaps most importantly tolerance and equality, values which are essential in today’s modern world.

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  • Ranelagh Receives Artsmark Platinum

    Published 21/09/18

    Ranelagh has been recognised for its incredible commitment towards the creative arts education with the prestigious Artsmark Platinum award (the highest accolade) from Arts Council England.

    The council commented that our commitment to providing a wide range of high quality artistic and cultural experiences for pupils at our school was exemplar and we have developed “many rewarding and authentic partnerships that have stretched teacher’s expectations and resulted in making measurable positive impacts on pupils learning and outcomes.” Further to this, it was noted that we, as a school, should consider further how we can share out outstanding areas of practice on a wider platform - a true feather in our cap.

    Ranelagh’s curriculum ensures that the arts are at the centre of learning – both developing skills in the arts and also as a tool for cross-curricular learning. Don Wry, our Ranelagh Curriculum leader, submitted the statement of intent two years ago and has worked with his Arts team to implement his vision within the school and develop it with in the Trust.

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