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Ranelagh Primary School

Ranelagh Primary School

The Voices That Begin The Change

Ranelagh Playground was a cacophony of sound as the children sang their protest songs to raise awareness of what the local community could do to save the planet. As one of Year 6 posters warned –Earth First.It was our annual Action Project Event. Every Autumn term, the children learn geography skills and develop their global awareness. They learn about different areas of the world- aquatic, desert and forest biomes and find out how humans have impacted on the area.

Year 6 have been learning about how our local area has an impact on the Arctic Circle. Children had to persuade parents to sign a petition to stop a planned expansion of London City Airport.The children logged the flights coming in and out of the airport and found out that 7 flights departed during their lunchtime.They then calculated that these flights were responsible for destroying 3m² of Arctic ice due to their carbon emissions contributing to the greenhouse effect.


In  Year 5, children learned about how extreme climates are effecting our global population. They raised money and awareness for the Red Cross .In Year 4, the children researched how desertification is damaging our climate. The children made seed bombs and raised money for the Great Green Wall. The Great Green Wall is an initiative that is endeavouring to end desertification in the Sahel by planting desert trees all along this region to regenerate the land and create sustainable lives for the people who live there.

The Rainforests were being saved in Year 3, the children made Rainforest calendars using the artistic pointillism style to draw animals and features of the rainforest. The calendars raised money for the Rainforest Foundation UK, a charity which tackles deforestation locally and globally. Year 3 activists also designed leaflets for children in Years 1 and 2 outlining key facts about climate change and dangers to the rainforest. 

In Year 2 the children baked delicious penguin biscuits to sell and raise money to help save the Arctic animals from the melting ice. The penguin biscuits raised money for the World Wildlife Fund, an organisation that protects our planet’s iconic animals.
In EYFS and Year 1, the oceans were being saved. In Year 1 the children talked about what is happening to our oceans and why should we care? They then discussed how they can be part of the change and painted beautiful ocean scenes onto bags to reduce the use of plastic bags and promote the use of reusable bags. This helped in raising funds for ‘The Plastic Oceans UK - experts on plastic pollution . In EYFS cakes the colour of the deep, blue sea were sold.

It is incredibly important that our children realise that humans can have a positive impact on this planet and that they are the voices that begin the change.

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