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Ranelagh Primary School

Ranelagh Primary School

Magnificent Mini Teachers

On Friday 9th of June many children in Ranelagh got exactly what they wished for – a day in the life of a teacher! Having to write letters and entice teachers around the school to ensure their procurement, the children were thrilled to have the opportunity to learn so much from our wonderful staff.

The children were put to work bright and early. They greeted parents on the gates in the morning, set up classrooms for the lessons ahead, answered phones, gathered resources, wrote emails and so on. The day was a huge awakening for the children at Ranelagh who learned just how hard the staff in our school work. Skye in Year 4, a mini Ms. Scott for the day, explained “I learnt that we should be very grateful for the teachers and adults in our school because they work really hard,” with Faridah in Year 4, a Ms Afshan look alike for the day, adding “I learnt that everyone in our school does A LOT of work and that you need to be prepared and organised. Teachers have to get things ready before the lessons and make sure everything is all set up.”

The staff at Ranelagh loved having their “mini-me’s” follow them around for the day. “It was wonderful having someone to type and send emails for me” exclaimed Mr. Wry, adding that “the children in our school are so diligent and helpful, it was wonderful to see them so keen to be ‘teachers’ for the day and help out around the school.”


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