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Ranelagh Primary School

Ranelagh Primary School

Children Take Action To Raise Global Awareness

They had been inspired by their learning in the Ranelagh Curriculum. This half term the topic has been Our Planet Earth and it has seen every year group learn about a different region of the world - from oceans, seas and deserts to ice worlds, the rainforest and natural disasters! The children learnt how they could get involved to help protect these environments and the creatures therein. Each year group researched and chose a charity to support, linked to their studies, and planned an action that they could carry out to raise awareness and garner support.


Stalls were set out in the Key Stage 1 playground after school and were manned by the children in each year group. They tirelessly promoted and campaigned for their causes - from selling miniature clay turtles to 'iced' cakes to save penguins from melting polar ice caps!

The event was a huge success and was enjoyed by parents and children alike. And what's more, everyone went home happy knowing that they helped make the world a better place. Well done Ranelagh!


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