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Ranelagh Primary School

Ranelagh Primary School


Helping others is a huge part of life at Ranelagh. We encourage social responsibility.

The curriculum ensures that each year group organise events that raise funds for different charities.

Ranelagh supports these charities regularly: Macmillan Trust, Community Links, British Heart Foundation, Sport Relief and Free the Children to name but a few.

Community Action - Having an Impact

Last year our annual Community Action Projects were a big success! We managed to raise an incredible amount for charities like the World Wildlife Fund, Water Aid and Richards House Childrens Hospice, all through the hardwork and dedication of the children in our school. Recently we received some heartwarming thank you's from these organisations which we shared in our assembly - very touching.


Children Take Action To Raise Global Awareness

One of the most important lessons Ranelagh teaches all children is to demonstrate kindness and thoughtfulness; to leave this school being aware of global issues and to know how to improve the world and create a better future. On Wednesday 19th October, children from across the school sold items they had made in class to raise money for different charities.

They had been inspired by their learning in the Ranelagh Curriculum. This half term the topic has been Our Planet Earth and it has seen every year group learn about a different region of the world - from oceans, seas and deserts to ice worlds, the rainforest and natural disasters! The children learnt how they could get involved to help protect these environments and the creatures therein. Each year group researched and chose a charity to support, linked to their studies, and planned an action that they could carry out to raise awareness and garner support.

Stalls were set out in the Key Stage 1 playground after school and were manned by the children in each year group. They tirelessly promoted and campaigned for their causes - from selling miniature clay turtles to 'iced' cakes to save penguins from melting polar ice caps!

The event was a huge success and was enjoyed by parents and children alike. And what's more, everyone went home happy knowing that they helped make the world a better place. Well done Ranelagh!


Salvation Army and Soup at Ranelagh Primary School

On Wednesday 9th March Ranelagh Primary School pupils welcomed Jonathan Raggett, from the Paul Street E15 branch of the Salvation Army, to the school as part of the work the children in the nursery and reception classes have been doing during the Spring term. Their project on 'Places of Worship' and why these buildings are special, has taken the pupils on visits into the local community, as well as seeing them play host to visitors to the school. 

During a special assembly, Jonathan spoke to the children about the important work that the Salvation Army carry out in Stratford, including the essential work undertaken by the 'Winter Night Shelter'. This programme offers emergency accommodation, assistance and family support to those who are homeless and living on the streets. Jonathan's talk demonstrated to the youngsters the importance of being grateful for what they have and the need for helping others and sharing hospitality. Jonathan pointed out that the Salvation Army is there "not only because you need something, but because you have something to be thankful for."

On the 17th March, following the special assembly, the Ranelagh Primary pupils from the nursery and reception classes invited their parents, carers and friends into school for a Community Soup Kitchen Day. The event was in response to the visit from the Salvation Army, where children had an opportunity to learn about the wonderful things that they do for people in the locality who are homeless or living on the streets.

Mrs Gillian Hall, class teacher and EYFS Coordinator at Ranelagh, commented, "Events like this help children to develop an understanding and respect for the different cultures and religions we have in our community. This event also provided an opportunity for parents to meet and get to know each other, further reinforcing the value of communities and cultures coming together." 

During the session, children worked together with their parents to decorate a template of a house and reflect on what makes their house a special building. The question asked was, 'What really makes a house a home?' The children and their parents came up with some wonderful designs and suggestions.

"My house is very comfortable and safe" said Costi and Taybah added, "My home is very special because we pray together, eat together, read together and play together"  

When all of the houses had been completed, the parents, children and teachers sat together to enjoy a bowl of delicious soup the children had prepared earlier in the day.

Ranelagh Raise Money for Sport Relief

On Friday 18th March, Ranelagh Primary School took part in Sport Relief. The pupils raised money for the charity by wearing red clothing and sportswear, instead of their usual school uniform. The School Council, along with School Council Leader, Susie Tsui, organised a fun-filled day of sporting workshops for the whole school.

The day was a chance for the younger pupils to work alongside role models in years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Marley, a CSP in Reception, commented, "It is really positive for the children from different age groups to work together to achieve the same goals, it helps the older and younger children to relate to each other." This integrated approach meant that the older pupils were able to assist the younger children and not only those on the same team.

Sport Relief is one of the UK's biggest fundraising events and Susie Tsui said, "During the day it was wonderful to see the Ranelagh pupils rising to the Sport Relief challenge. The School Council designed an interesting circuit of activities and it was great to see positive attitudes amongst the year groups taking part. The pupils did not give up when an activity was difficult and they helped others who were struggling. Everyone had fun and at the same time Ranelagh raised money for some of the most disadvantaged people in the UK and around the world."

Ranelagh Primary School is delighted to add the money raised on the day, £260, to the £154 that was raised when the pupils dressed as their favourite character on World Book Day, on Thursday 3rd March. So, in total, the pupils and staff at Ranelagh Primary School raised £414 for the Sport Relief Charity. Congratulations to them all!

The School Council hope that events like 'Sport Relief' will motivate the pupils of all ages to continue taking part in competitive sport and exercise sessions. The School Council are also looking ahead to next year's event and have suggested making the stations harder for the older children and propose to give out more stickers to motivate the children to improve on this year's results. 

Rachel Euell, a regular volunteer in year 3, said, "I think that today was a really good event and it got the children excited and involved in Sport Relief. I am impressed that the School Council members organised it and were able to communicate with the children about the different activities. I was impressed to see how very mature the leaders were".

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