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Ranelagh Primary School

Ranelagh Primary School

Local Advisory Board

 Ranelagh Primary School is a finding member of the Tapscott Learning Trust.  We have an active Local Advisory Board (LAB), that acts as “a critical friend” to the school, providing strategic governance to ensure that all children receive the best possible education. The LAB meets as a whole group each term and delegates its business to a range of committees, where appropriate.

What do we do?

The LAB has an important part to play in raising school standards through its three key roles:

  • Setting strategic direction
  • Ensuring accountability
  • Monitoring and evaluating school performance

We have responsibility together with the leadership team for agreeing the policies for the general running of the school. Our role is crucial:

  • We fulfil statutory duties to ensure that the school is a safe, healthy and an inclusive environment
  • We provide support and challenge to the leadership team of the school on all issues that affect the learning and welfare of our pupils

The LAB is drawn from the staff of the school, the Local Education Authority, parents and the wider community that our school serves. The usual term of office is four years but many members of the LAB stand for re-election and serve more than one term.

The LAB provide expertise and experience across a range of skills so as to ensure that that the school is able to undertake its duty to support the creation of a strong learning environment.

The LAB continues to support and challenge the Leadership Management Team and staff to build upon the improvements that we have made as a school. The LAB will be monitoring student progress with a high expectation that all students can achieve the best that they are able to. We will also be ensuring that the pupil premium, which is extra funding to support disadvantaged young people, continues to make an impact in improved educational outcomes for our children.

The LAB also focus on the wider social aspects of the school, including through the use of the lodge, and to develop strengthening participation in school sports, music and the arts. Parents can play an important role in supporting the LAB and staff by making sure that homework is completed and, wherever possible, your sons and daughters are provided with a place at home where this important aspect of their learning can be achieved.

We are legally required to disclose minutes from any of our governance meetings upon request. If you require any of these, please contact and we will be happy to assist you with your query.

The Trust will make available for public inspection copies of agendas, minutes and reports for our meetings including the Trust Board and any of the LAB committees.  Please contact the Trust’s Company Secretary at

Governors Pecuniary Interest Forms. 

Name Type Role Start Date End Date Pecuniary Interest Forms 2022/23 Declared Business or Financial Interests
Mr Robert Sewell Board Appointed   01/09/2017 31.08.2025 Held No business or financial interest declared
Ms Rena Begum Co-Opted Member Chair of Governors 16/07/2019 15/07/2027 Held No business or financial interest declared
Mr Amadou Faal Jammeh Parent Member   10/10/2022 09.02.2026 Held No business or financial interest declared
Mrs Kuldip Bahra Staff Member   15/09/2017 23.09.2025 Held No business or financial interest declared
Mrs Shella Lawrenson Head Teacher - Member   01.09.2017

 (no end date)

Held No business or financial interest declared
Ms Michelle Ellis Co-Opted Member   21/03/2019




Held No business or financial interest declared
Ms Rosie Murdoch Parent Member   10/06/2019  16.07.2027 Held No business or financial interest declared
Edward Hoyle  Parent Member Vice Chair 07/10/2021 20.10.2025 Held No business or financial interest declared
Tkaya Giscombe



  09/03/23 08/03/27 Held No business or financial interest declared


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  • History Quality Mark Gold
  • Let's get Cooking 2012
  • Music Mark
  • Ruth Miskin Trained School
  • Quality Mark
  • British Council International School award
  • Healthy Schools
  • London Education Partnership Winner 2011
  • PSQM silver award
  • Educational Outcomes Awards 2015
  • FAST
  • London Schools Gold Club 2015-16
  • IQM Inclusion Quality
  • Autism Education Trust
  • LGFL Digital Awards Winner 2018
  • Computing at School - Lead School 2018-2019
  • Quality Mark Award - Profession Development
  • Quality Mark Gold Award
  • Artsmark Platinum Award
  • Stonewall Education Champion
  • LPPA Award
  • School Mental Health Gold Award
  • School Games Gold 2021/22
  • Geography
  • Healthy Street
  • Geography
  • EVC
  • IQM Flagship award 2024
  • IQM Inclusive School award 2024