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Ranelagh Primary School

Ranelagh Primary School


All teachers at Ranelagh work tirelessly to deliver a rich mathematics curriculum that provides children with the skills they need to succeed. All staff ensure that the children acquire number facts and have the necessary skills to solve multi step arithmetic problems. All maths lessons at Ranelagh require children to use their reasoning skills to apply their learning. The children are taught in a sequential way to use formal written methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They are trained to use mathematical vocabulary which is always given a suitable context, with relevant real objects, mathematical apparatus, pictures or diagrams.

Ranelagh's maths curriculum ensures that all children become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics; to reason mathematically and to solve problems by applying their knowledge and skills. The foundations of this are the Pillars Of Calculation.

The Pillars of Calculation are the core skills that children need to acquire in order to develop fluency of calculation. These are:

  • Place Value (What a digit represents in each place value column to make a number)
  • Number facts (Number bonds and times tables)
  • Halving and doubling
  • Visualisation (Images and models)

These skills are developed thoroughly as part of the maths curriculum and should be extended at home. They are the basis of the 5-A-Day Maths books used for daily revision.

For more information on Ranelaghs Calculation Policy please read Ranelagh Primary Calculation Policy

Number Fluency Booklets

All children are provided with a copy of a Number Fluency Booklet. This book is a homework programme that helps support parents in supporting their children’s mental maths development. The content focuses on all the operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). The aim is that your child can mentally recall facts and procedures flexibly and efficiently. The book can be used from Reception to Year Six. All parents should aim to spend 5 minutes a day working from the book.

Core skills

Basic Maths Skills are taught daily in the Maths Curriculum. Extra time is put into the KS2 timetable in order to teach our Quick Maths programme. Quick maths is a series of interactive games that build children’s arithmetic skills.  Within EYFS and KS1 children learn a series of songs and chants in order to learn key number facts.

Times Table Rock stars

Homework is important to our children at Ranelagh, and as a result we have ensured that all of our children have access to on–line learning resources at home. We are members of the Times Table Rock Stars programme which enables children to play educational maths games.  All children have an account that can be used at home or in school. Times Table Rock Stars enables children to acquire times table facts in a competitive and fun way. Class teachers can also use the site in order to monitor children’s progress and identify areas for development.

For more information on Times Table Rock Stars, or to take part in the challenge, please visit:

Financial Education

All children at Ranelagh are taught the skills to be financially literate. Children are taught financial education every half term. During these lessons, children acquire life skills that teach them how to manage money. By teaching the children about money, we seek to help them discover the relationships between earning, spending and saving.

At Ranelagh, financial literacy begins in EYFS and starts with money concepts such as counting coins and receiving change for purchases. As the children progress through to Key Stages One and Two the children learn about savings, accounts, banks, keeping money safe and creating personal budgets, including calculating simple interest.

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