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Ranelagh Primary School

Ranelagh Primary School

Resourced Provision


Ranelagh Primary School currently has 13 places for pupils with Autism in our Resourced provision, increasing to 14 places from Reception to Year 6. These placements are allocated by Newham SEND Section to pupils who have a diagnosis of Autism and a high level of need.

Our Aims

Pupils in our Resourced Provision are based within a mainstream classroom and learn alongside their peers. They have access to the same opportunities and benefit from the modelling that takes place in a mainstream setting. Our skilled staff work together to provide meaningful and purposeful opportunities that are highly personalised and targeted to meet each pupil’s needs.

Our provision

  • We provide pupils with a  curriculum which is multi -sensory , taking into account their needs and levels of development
  • We use a range of strategies and interventions, including Intensive Interaction, Lego Therapy, Colourful Semantics, Magic Bag, Music Intervention and Social Skills.
  • We provide a variety of learning environments to address the pupils specific needs eg access to the soft play and sensory rooms and weekly visits to swimming
  • We offer structure to support the pupils with organising and making sense of their day using visual supports, timetables and Now & Next boards.
  • We provide opportunities for pupils to feel included, contribute to and enjoy being part of the classroom, the school and the wider community.
  • We have high aspirations for our pupils and aim to provide them with skills that will support them in adulthood through our programme of social and life skills.

Our curriculum:

Sensory processing   

In order to meet their sensory needs, pupils in our Resourced Provision have access to specialist facilities such as a soft playroom, a sensory room and sensory garden. They also have planned sensory interventions as well physical and mental breaks to support their learning and development. If appropriate, pupils will be referred to outside agencies such as Occupational Therapy and any programmes implemented accordingly.

Magic Bag

The sessions focus on developing the attention, early communication skills and interaction of the pupil, using exciting, cause and effect toys and gadgets.

Sensory Room 

Children at Ranelagh are able to visit the school's sensory room. They can explore the various cause and effect equipment, take part in intensive interaction (mirroring) with the adults to develop their focus and attention. 

Sensory Circuit 

At Ranelagh, we believe the children are regulated and ready for learning when their 'sensory diet' is met. To support children with this, the school has access to school-based Occupational Therapists. The children take part in alerting, organising and calming activities to help them throughout the day. 

Sensory Swimming 

The swimming sessions provide opportunities for pupils to experience being in a swimming pool. They also develop the pupil’s confidence in the water, and support their emotional regulation. They also provide the opportunity to practise life skills, for example dressing, undressing, and experiencing the use of public transport. 

Life skills

Life skills sessions provide opportunities for pupils to develop independence in daily life activities, e.g. shopping, dressing/undressing, personal hygiene, toileting, brushing teeth, eating and drinking, eating healthily.  These are individual to the child’s needs within a group.

Music Interaction

During Music Interaction, the pupils attend in small groups and have the opportunity to interact using song and different musical instruments. This session encourages communication and interaction and aims to encourage the pupils to take the lead whilst the adult supports and extends the interaction.  Skills such as turn-taking, making choices and practising new language will also be considered.

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